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Through the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards, Rackham recognizes scholars who have been nominated by their program for teaching excellence. Winners of this award demonstrate superb skill in teaching, mentoring, and advising. They bring creativity, inspirational commitment, and intellectual excitement to the classroom, discussion section, or teaching lab, and communicate this passion with their undergraduate students.

The 2022 recipients of the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards are:

  • Laura Biester, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Elizabeth Collins-Woodfin, Mathematics
  • Alisher Duspayev, Physics
  • Kim Hess, Sociology
  • Nishant Mangesh Jalgaonkar, Mechanical Engineering
  • Cheng Jiang, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
  • Amanda Marie Kubic, Comparative Literature
  • Naitnaphit Catherine Limlamai, English and Education
  • Rachel Logue, Movement Science
  • Elizabeth Ann McNeill, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Yehia Sherif Mohamed Fakhry Mekawi, Political Science
  • Nikolas Midttun, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Mandy Mitchell, Public Policy
  • Gabrielle Louise Peterson, Sociology
  • Ashley Riana Megan Sapp, Social Work
  • Dylan Volk, History of Art
  • Sarah Ellen VanDiepenbos, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
  • Zoe Waldman, History
  • Mackenzie Warwick, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
  • Mohammad Zhalechian, Industrial and Operations Engineering