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Resources for Graduate Coordinators

Rackham Presentation Request Form

One of Rackham’s core values is partnership and collaboration with the campus community. Therefore, members of our staff facilitate workshops and presentations for university departments, student organizations, and staff that serve Rackham students and prospective students at no cost/free of charge.


Rackham Graduate Program Hub

The Rackham Graduate Program Hub provides program chairs, directors, and coordinators with a secure, centralized location for accessing information key to their programs and partnership with Rackham. Accessible via login, the Program Hub serves as a managed archive to assist with the transitions of program leadership and graduate coordinators, along with being an easily accessible point of reference. It also links to publicly available information like program statistics and an archived list of our monthly chairs and directors newsletters.


Admissions Toolkit

Documents supporting graduate coordinators and program staff throughout the University of Michigan.


Cost Sharing Process

In the graduate school context, cost sharing is the use of institutional funds to supplement graduate student support (stipend, tuition, GradCare, dental insurance, and/or summer support) that is covered by an external sponsor.


Graduate Coordinators Forum

The Graduate Coordinators Forum provides a venue through which graduate coordinators share information, network and suggest enhancements in protocols for graduate student administration.


Visiting Scholars and Visiting Graduate Students

As a renowned public university, the University of Michigan attracts a great many academic visitors each year. The use of established, formal processes helps facilitate arrangements to sponsor and host these visitors allowing them to participate in campus life and programs while they are here. The procedures and processes vary based on the nature and duration of the visit, the sponsoring unit, and other factors. Hosting units process all new and renewing Visiting Scholar applications independently. Effective November 1, 2016, hosting units will also process all new and renewing Visiting Graduate Student Applications independently. Information about the application process, links to the application forms and helpful resources are provided on this page.