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Core Skill: Teaching

Teaching facilitates significant learning and development on the part of students and instructors. Effective teaching is a reflective practice that incorporates inclusive and evidence-based pedagogical techniques, requires an understanding of the science of learning and course design principles, and assesses student learning.

Rackham Resources

Community Engaged Course Design Workshop

The Community Engaged Course Design Workshop (previously named the Engaged Pedagogy Initiative) is an intensive, semester-long professional development workshop for graduate students in any field interested in teaching a community engaged learning course.

I think of my disciplinary training as a tightly wound coil or spring—twisting together all the habits of mind, the types of curiosity, and the historical sense of the field that I’ve cultivated over many years. It’s something that I can activate, have jump into motion in an almost reflexive way. Teaching is a way to unwind that coil, to make visible to students what goes into creating our disciplinary reflexes, and to give them space to consider how these habits of mind might matter to them.
Lisa Jong

Ph.D. Candidate, English Language and Literature

Campus Resources

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT)

Offers a comprehensive array of curricular and instructional development activities.

Ginsberg Center

Supports and helps generate academically grounded community engaged learning opportunities.

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