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See Course Approval Form: Credit Hours/ Full Term/ Half Term

In general, courses should correspond to the University calendar; that is, classes should extend for the full term or half term. The duration of the course is defined by the duration of regularly scheduled class meetings. Courses offered for a shorter duration than the regular full or half term offerings are listed as “short courses” (see above). While courses may vary in the scope of content or in delivery format, they must adhere to the principles set forward above for the assignment of credit hours.

  1. If a course is to be offered in a half term, the following conditions must be met:
    • If the course content is the same as for the full term course, the same number of credits can be allotted.
    • If less material is covered in the half term course, fewer credits should be allotted.
    • If the modified version of the course differs substantially from the original course, it should be offered under a separate course number.
  2. All short courses including lectures, seminars, workshops, laboratories or experiential based courses should extend for at least five days, and consist of at least three separate meetings for each credit.