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Off-campus Course Offerings

See Course Approval Form: Class Location

  • If a regular campus course is to be offered off-campus, it must be offered with the same course content, level, prerequisites, resources, credit hours, and instructor qualifications. Off-campus courses using approved special topics course numbers must be reviewed as described in Section C. above.
  • If an off-campus course is not also offered on-campus in the same form, it must be proposed, reviewed, and approved in accordance with regular procedures for standard campus courses. In addition, the program offering the course must state why the course should not be offered on-campus as well.
  • Courses proposed for off-campus in the Flint or Dearborn areas should complement courses at the Branch Campuses. Both course content and instructional assignments should be coordinated with the appropriate instructional units on those campuses.
  • Courses regularly proposed for off-campus must document mechanisms for academic advising.