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See Course Approval Form: Cross-Listings

  • A cross-listed course must have the same title, prerequisites, credit hours, description, and course requirements as the home department or “owner” of the course.
  • The Graduate School recognizes that different departments may have different numbering conventions. Therefore, it is not required that a cross-listed course share the same course number as the home department or other cross-listings. However, the selected course numbers must remain within a 100 level range (e.g., 500 and 600 is acceptable, but 500 and 700 is not). Cross-listed courses should not be numbered at different levels if the discrepancy represents a disagreement about the true level of the course.
  • A cross-listed course that is approved for graduate credit must be designated by each participating program department as carrying graduate credit for at least some group of graduate students (however, one or more of the participating programs may designate the course as a service course for graduate students in other fields, and not permit their own graduate students to elect it). If any participating program chooses to stipulate that the course cannot be taken for its own graduate degree(s), the course proposal must include the reasons for wishing to limit the credit, as described in Section H below.