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See Course Approval Form: Catalog Number

The following guidelines are generally assumed for the purpose of Graduate School review, selection of cognate courses, and communication to people outside the University who receive and evaluate transcripts (e.g., employers and other graduate schools). Departments, schools, and colleges should bear these in mind as they assign course numbers.

400 Level Courses

400 level courses are assumed to be primarily for undergraduates. If the course material is described as sufficiently advanced, graduate credit may be granted upon approval of the Graduate School. Requests for graduate credit for 400 level courses must provide information to verify that the course material is at the graduate level for all students, or that graduate students are required to do additional work beyond the level required of undergraduates in the course.

500 Level Courses

500 level courses are assumed to be primarily for first-year graduate students; senior majors may also take them or others by special permission.

600 Level Courses

600 level courses are assumed to be for master’s and doctoral students (or second year students in professional schools), and only rarely for exceptional undergraduates.

700 Level Courses

700 level courses are assumed to be for master’s and doctoral students (or third-year students in professional schools).

800 And 900 Level Courses

800 and 900 level courses are assumed to be primarily for doctoral work, beyond the master’s level.

Courses in Which Graduates and Undergraduates May Be Enrolled Simultaneously

Course Requirements

For each course that is open both to graduate and to undergraduate students, the course proposal and all pertinent publications should specify whether or not graduate students will be required to perform more advanced work. The course proposal may specify any one of the following credit types (see Course Approval Form: Course Credit Type):

  • Rackham Graduate (no undergraduates may enroll, except by special arrangement).
  • Non-Rackham Graduate.
  • Undergraduate or Rackham Graduate.

Credit Hours

Normally, all students in a course are expected to meet the same requirements and receive the same number of credits. When it is felt to be appropriate to award a different number of credits to graduate students, the teaching unit may ask the Graduate School for an exception. All exceptions will conform to Section C. above, “Assignment of Credit Hours.”