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The Tandem Job Search: Coordinating Academic and Non-Academic Job Applications


For many soon-to-graduate Ph.D. students, coordinating a tandem job search—applying both to academic and non-academic jobs—becomes a reasonable way to expand your options. In this workshop, we will discuss concrete ways to time, strategize, and optimize the tandem job search, seeking to maximize bang for your buck throughout these two intense, labor-intensive processes. Registration is […]

Interviewing Tips and Strategies for Graduate Students


This workshop is perfect for any graduate students seeking guidance around interviewing for positions beyond tenure track roles, which can differ greatly from the academic job search process. It will focus on preparing you to navigate the interview process and to effectively answer questions by strategically articulating strengths and skills. There will be plenty of […]

Talking Outside Your Field: Explaining Your Research During Your Industry Job Search


Are you a graduate student intending to apply for industry jobs? While talking to potential employers, you may find yourself trying to describe your research to non-experts, struggling to avoid jargon, and feeling like your description is vague or unclear. In this University Career Center workshop, we’ll address this problem, develop specific strategies to describe […]

Coffee Chats for Graduate Students: Informational Interviewing


We are offering a number of virtual coffee chats for the graduate student community this summer, hosted by Rackham’s embedded University Career Center career counselors. The topic for this session is informational interviewing, which can be a powerful tool to aid in your career exploration as well as networking and job search efforts. We’ll talk […]

Negotiation Basics


Negotiation is something that many people feel unprepared for, especially during the job search process. We'll talk through the steps involved in salary negotiation, as well as negotiation tips that can be utilized in other contexts. Bring your questions, as there will be plenty of time for questions and answers. This event is intended to […]

Coffee Chats for Graduate Students: Are You LinkedIn?


Building your network is something you can be doing proactively throughout graduate school. Additionally, learning from what others have done in their careers is a great way to explore areas of interest. Join us to learn how to navigate and develop the basics of your own LinkedIn profile. We will introduce ways to build connections […]