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Home » Discover Rackham » Announcing the 2016-2017 Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Winners

The Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship is one of the most prestigious awards granted by the Rackham Graduate School. Doctoral candidates who expect to graduate within six years since beginning their degrees are eligible to apply, and the strength and quality of their dissertation abstract, publications and presentations, and recommendations are all taken into consideration when granting this award. You can view the abstracts of the winners here.

Winners will receive a stipend over three terms, candidacy tuition, and GradCare health insurance for 2016-2017. Join us in congratulating these 82 outstanding graduate students!

Yubraj Acharya, Health Management and Policy

Maryam Arbabzadeh, Natural Resources and Environment

Maria Arredondo, Psychology

Kevin Bakker, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Vivienne Baldassare, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Meredith Blank, Political Science

Kevin Boehnke, Environmental Health Sciences

Pablo Cabrera Ventura, Chemistry

Raymond Cavalcante, Bioinformatics

Qiushu Chen, Biomedical Engineering

Yin-Hsiu Chen, Biostatistics

Ellen Compernolle, Sociology

Natalie Davis, Educational Studies

Jeseth Delgado Vela, Environmental Engineering

Dzovinar Derderian, Near Eastern Studies

Tyler Dillstrom, Mechanical Engineering

Daniel Drucker, Philosophy

Joseph El Adli, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Harold Elliott, History

Anthony Fiorino, Mechanical Engineering

Joanne Garbincius, Molecular and Integrative Physiology

Gail Gibson, English and Education

Jillian Gross, Higher Education

Brady G'sell, Anthropology and History

Ashley Hardin, Business Administration

Leslie Hempson, History

Randeep Hothi, Asian Languages and Cultures

Amr Ibrahim, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Annemarie Iddins, Communication Studies

Donia Jarrar, Music Composition

Nan Jiang, Computer Science and Engineering

Lauren Johns, Environmental Health Sciences

Anna Johnson, Asian Languages and Cultures

Alexei Kananenka, Chemistry

Benjamin Katz, Education and Psychology

Kyle Ketchesin, Neuroscience

Dana Kornberg, Sociology

Ho Chak Law, Musicology

Benjamin Lawson, Physics

Doowon Lee, Computer Science and Engineering

Jhansi Leslie, Microbiology and Immunology

Jake Levinson, Mathematics

Shasha Li Medicinal, Chemistry

Wen-Chi Lin, Chemical Engineering

Xu Liu, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Geoffrey Lorenz, Political Science

Sara Meerow, Natural Resources and Environment

Megan Michalski, Oral Health Sciences

Kaitlin Moore, Applied Physics

Orquidea Morales, American Culture

Alex Nett, Chemistry

Yashar Niknafs, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Cyrus O'Brien, Anthropology and History

Lukasz Ochyl, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Alan Olvera, Materials Science and Engineering

Joon Ha Park, Statistics

Amy Pistone, Classical Studies

William Runyan, Comparative Literature

Leigh S. Saris, Anthropology

Brian Segal, Biostatistics

Wendy Sepponen, History of Art

Apoorv Shanker, Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Yue Shao, Mechanical Engineering

Diana Carolina Sierra Becerra, History and Women's Studies

Kyera Singleton, American Culture

Helena Skorovsky, Romance Languages and Literatures

Matthew Spellings, Chemical Engineering

Ethan Sperry, Human Genetics

Andréa Thomaz, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Joshua Logan Wall, English Language and Literature

Brandan Walters, Biomedical Engineering

Amy Westmoreland, Psychology

Josh Wondra, Psychology

Amanda Wong, Immunology

Adrienne Woods, Education and Psychology

Carrie Wenjing Xu, Information and Economics

Xiang Yin, Electrical Engineering: Systems

Rachel Young, Applied Physics

Zhen Zhao, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Junxing Zheng, Civil Engineering

Zhengting Zou, Bioinformatics

Weizhong Zou, Chemical Engineering