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Home » Discover Rackham » Be Aware When Using External Professional and Research Development Services Vendors

Rackham has become aware of harmful business practices of some external vendors, including those offering career services and publishing and/or research support. Students may see companies or individuals advertising their career services on LinkedIn and other platforms. Additionally, graduate students have received unsolicited email from companies recruiting them to mentor high school students, offering payment for their research mentorship. These journals and publication services may have predatory practices regarding your rights as an author.

If a vendor engages in any of the following practices, it may not be a reputable vendor:

  • Payment for your research mentorship of high school students
  • Charging publication fees to high school student authors
  • Pressure to make a decision or payment during a call
  • Pressure to take out loans to pay for services
  • Pressure to sign a contract without at least 48 hours to review it
  • No graduated payment plan or scholarship options
  • A request to sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • As a reminder, the University of Michigan offers free and accessible research, professional development, and career services, including:

  • Professional development events hosted by Rackham
  • Career services in your school and college
  • The University Career Center, available for master’s and doctoral students
  • Center for Education of Women (CEW+), available for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  • The U-M Library also has information on predatory journal practices and your rights as an author
  • Please start with U-M offerings as your first destination for career-related programs, resources, and coaching.

    Should you feel the need to seek additional resources beyond campus, ask credible sources on campus (faculty and university staff in career services) for referrals.