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Last week I wrote about Rackham’s Emergency Fund. I want to follow up by noting that, at some time during your graduate career, you may experience a significant financial emergency that does not meet the eligibility requirements for the Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Fund or exceeds the $2,500 limit of the fund. You may need assistance with living expenses after the unexpected loss of employment or departmental funding; or to replace personal items, such as computers, glasses, clothing or books that have been damaged or lost in a car accident or fire. You or your immediate family members who live with you may encounter medical, dental or mental health emergencies; major accidents or events such as fire and natural disasters, or expenses related to the death of an immediate family member.

Whatever your situation, as Rackham's Resolution Officer, I may be able to help you identify existing alternative funding sources and to connect you with academic and personal resources to help ease your distress. I encourage you to contact me in any way you feel comfortable doing so to schedule an opportunity to discuss how Rackham can be of assistance.

If your needs exceed the provisions of the Emergency Fund, please contact me by e-mail, or by phone, (734) 764-4400, or drop by the Graduate School Dean’s Office to discuss your circumstances and submit a request for additional funding consideration.