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Step 1) Set up the expensive lab equipment.

Step 2) Put the solutions on the samples.

Step 3) Wait for things to happen.

Step 4) Write things down. Take some pictures.

Step 5) Collect data. Did it work? What does it mean?

Step 6) Lather, rinse, repeat.

Working in a lab can be exhausting, especially when attention to detail, precision, and accuracy make all the difference between a successful experiment and a failed one. Then after running the experiment, you get to scrutinize every result and try to make sense of your data. How do you interpret these results? Does it fit your hypothesis? Day after day of critical thinking and data analysis can overload anyone. And do you ever feel like you are losing touch with your creative side but don’t have time outside of the lab? Well fear not. There are plenty of ways to indulge your creative side while in the lab. I like to blog, but sometimes you need a small creative outlet as well. So here are some ways to stay in touch with your creative side while in the lab.

Test tubes form a picture.

1) Find a canvas and paint a picture.


Empty boxes form a fort.

2) Surprise your labmate with a box fort.


Funny test tube with a face

3) Make a lab buddy. This is Wnter. Wnter cheers me on from the bench.


Stuffed animals in a box with styrofoam peanuts

4) Build a hot tub for your friends


Carton of small glassware behaving badly

5) Practice using photoshop. Ever notice those impractically small and adorable glassware that don't get much use? Ever wonder if they get bored sitting on the shelves with nothing to do?