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Most graduate students I know have that thing they do they when get stuck on a problem. Some get outside, some cook, some nap– I grab the U-Move schedule and see what classes are happening. Fast-forward a few hours to the end of yoga class: I'm lying on my mat, my eyes are closed, the instructor is telling us to clear our mind, and all-of-the-sudden: Of course. The answer to my problem; it was obvious. Stuck no more!

Not that this happens every time. But even when I don't have a moment of insight mid-punch in a kickboxing class or while holding a plank in Bootcamp, I always leave the gym feeling better and more-clearheaded. It's such a reliable way to improve my mood that I'll sometimes head to the gym without even having checked the schedule, just confident that I'll enjoy whatever classes are happening that day.

And there are a lot of classes. The U-Move Fitness program has a tremendous variety of offerings– from Zumba to high-intensity interval training– and the instructors do a great job of tailoring the workout to the fitness levels in their class. The first time I went to a Bootcamp class, I could barely start half the exercises but, by tackling slight variants on the moves, was still able to get an excellent workout. Now, three years later, I sometimes try to up the difficulty by trying harder variants… sometimes.

You can attend unlimited classes on the U-Move schedule this semester with the purchase of a $50 FitPass. In a town where one-month subscription to a yoga studio or crossfit gym usually costs $100 – $200, the FitPass is an absurdly good deal. On top of that, the quality of instruction at U-Move is stellar. I've been so happy to get to know the great instructors in-class (and to become friends with some of them outside of classes, too).

If you're looking for something to help keep you active, healthy, and happy this winter (and, when it snows for an entire week: sane), I can't recommend the U-Move program enough. You can buy a FitPass online or at the U-Move office in the CCRB. Hope to see you in class!