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I thought about this month’s piece and decided that I had to speak for the people like me who love the snow! I absolutely love the snow and feel that the cold in the winter is the "price" to pay for this "fanciful" liking. And I say "fanciful" because most people think that I am crazy when I say that the winter is my best season in AA. Some find it even more incredulous when I say that it’s my fifth winter this year. At this point you have to know that I grew up in a place with only two dynamic states – either the sun was shining or the skies were pouring. It was almost magical to be in AA where you get to experience distinctive seasons, yes all four of them, and have matching seasonal foods and wardrobes too!

I thought of coming up with a list of my best things about the winter with some specific to being here in AA.

  1. I love to lower the heat at night and sleep bundled under layers of blankets.
  2. I love the sounds of walking on freshly fallen snow – a contrast to the sounds of walking on dried leaves in autumn, green grass in the spring and the rain in the summer.
  3. I love the fact that I can prepare a variety of soups that can actually brighten up my spirits.
  4. I love to sit by the fireplace and read but since I don’t have a fireplace I get an egg nog latte and sit by the one in Starbucks on State Street or sometimes by the one in St. Mary’s.
  5. It gives us a reason to have pot lucks and invite friends over. Also a time to play board games – especially Scrabble!! It gives just the reason to make the most of staying indoors. So many stores in AA offer a place to do this – cafes, bookstores.
  6. I love to wear my boots and scarves and sweaters – I think the winter gives the opportunity to dress and it is always a surprise to see what is revealed under the coat!
  7. I love the sight of light glistening from the snow crystals – it’s the most beautiful in the evening and early morning. It’s like the dust from a million crushed diamonds.
  8. It’s the time when I get to attend the Fire & Ice Festival, with all night dancing over the weekend and fabulous instructors flying in to teach Argentine tango on the campus.
  9. I love that sometimes it becomes so foggy and the street lights create an artistic ambience of diffusing glow.
  10. I love the trees decorated with lights all over downtown.

I meant to try skiing this year and am yet to make my snowman and snow angels but there just wasn’t enough snow!

I feel the winter is Nature’s way of giving us a chance to rejuvenate – akin to the effect of sleeping on the mind – it’s a chance to nurture oneself, a time to build up resilience – I realize that I can survive the cold and brave the winds when I have to leave my apartment. For many amongst us it is also a time to reflect and retrospect and make plans with hope for the bright sunny days ahead. I would love to hear about your winter traditions and why you love the winter.