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Rackham Graduate School is thrilled to announce the hiring of Edmund Graham as the School’s first Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) Coordinator. In this role—which is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation—Graham will assist with the strategic development of partnerships between the University of Michigan and other MSIs in an effort to attract, recruit, and retain a highly qualified, diverse graduate student community.

“We talk so much about building a pipeline of underrepresented students to graduate schools, but a big part of that is really building relationships with students and faculty that are mutually beneficial,” says Interim Rackham Dean Michael J. Solomon. “This position is another important step toward building the relationships that will have strong benefits across the board.”

MSIs are institutions of higher education unique in their mission to serve minority populations. Graham’s specific areas of responsibility will be to coordinate a University-wide assessment of current MSI partnerships; assist in the development of a strategic plan for building on those partnerships and developing new agreements; advance and administer programs, events, and other related activities; and create and monitor program evaluations.

He will aim to develop strong ties with faculty, staff, and graduate students in graduate programs and departments in the schools and colleges across U-M, as well as at other MSIs, to inform and support successful, mutually beneficial recruitment programs.

This position is another important step toward building the relationships that will have strong benefits across the board.Michael J. Solomon, Interim Dean

“The creation of this position signals a University-wide commitment to support the recruitment of a diverse graduate and professional student community at the University of Michigan,” says Emma Flores, Rackham’s Director of Recruitment and Graduate Student Engagement. “Edmund will take the lead on surveying the campus for existing formal and informal partnerships, and he will guide us through strategic planning efforts. His previous experience in the planning and implementation of equity improvement efforts in higher education make him an ideal candidate for this position.”

Graham comes to U-M from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership. He has a Master’s of Education in Work and Human Resource Education from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Grambling State University.

“I’m deeply humbled and excited to join the University of Michigan community and engage in this critical work within Rackham Graduate School,” says Graham. “In this role, I look forward to working collaboratively with institutional agents and students across the campus and beyond to strengthen pathways to graduate education at the University for underrepresented student populations.”