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As we near the halfway mark for the University of Michigan Victors for Michigan fundraising campaign, Rackham is pleased to announce that we have raised $18.7 million to date and are more than halfway to our $30 million goal.

Donors to Rackham support graduate students by funding conference travel awards, summer stipends and research grants. Donors also support many programs and services that provide a sense of community among graduate students, including interdisciplinary workgroups and workshops ranging from dissertation writing to fostering professional development skills. Our offerings are open to all Rackham students, which include every Ph.D. student and roughly two thirds of the Master’s students at the University of Michigan.

On behalf of our students, we’d like to thank those who have contributed to this financial milestone. These donations, no matter the size, make a real difference.

We are grateful for alumni support, and many alumni, and they, in turn, value the opportunity to give:

“In our view, everything we are today we owe to Rackham. Rackham provided us with the opportunity to get an outstanding graduate education that paved the way to our professional careers and the life that we enjoy today. We would not have been able to attend graduate school without the financial support provided by this great institution. Our involvement as donors is only a small token of our deep appreciation and enduring affection for Rackham. We feel blessed by the opportunity to give back and to be part of the community that sets the path for future generations that will impact society at the national and international level.”

—Ines Storhok, Ph.D., School of Public Health/Environmental Health Sciences
—Eric Storhok, M.S., College of Engineering/Mechanical Engineering

If you have any questions about the Victors for Michigan campaign or our fundraising initiatives, please e-mail us. If you’d like to make a gift, please contact us or visit our online giving page.

Thank you!

Jill McDonough, Director of Development
Anna Mann, Gift Officer
Sheila Waterhouse, Alumni Communications and Annual Giving
Melissa Arnett, Donor Relations Officer