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Did you know that across the nation (and in Canada too!) that the week of April 2-8 marks Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week (GPSAW)? Every year the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students asks campuses to acknowledge and appreciate the positive impact graduate and professional students have on our campus.

There is no doubt that graduate and professional students have a significant impact on the University of Michigan campus. The numbers speak for themselves. At the University of Michigan:

  • 1 out of every 3 students is a graduate or professional student
  • 37% of Rackham students are international students coming from over 100 countries
  • Graduate Student Instructors are responsible for 23% of the contact hours at the University
  • There are more than 600 graduate and professional student organizations and clubs on our campus!

In order to honor and appreciate all that you do, the Rackham Graduate School (in conjunction with several other organizations and units) is coordinating a series of events from April 3rd to April 8th. Massages, food, movie night, swag, and an opportunity to interact with the University community are just some of the offerings from the week. A complete schedule can be found by visiting

If you’re not sure about what the week is or why you should attend, here are 4 reasons why should attend at least one GPSAW event this year:

1. Treat Yourself! You have worked hard all year. If nothing else, take some time to treat yourself. Whether it is just a simple and FREE meal, our chair massages, or engaging in our self-care events, taking the time out to refresh and relax is important. You’ve earned it!

2. Meet Other Students. GPSAW offers a plethora of opportunities to connect with students from other departments and disciplines. Many of our events are sponsored by graduate student organizations who would love to talk to you and hear about your experience on campus. Either way, use the week as a chance to expand your network.

3. Meet University Staff. The University of Michigan is full of fantastic staff members who are dedicated to making your experience on campus as positive as possible. Take advantage of the chance to have lunch with Dean Carol A. Fierke or taking time to talk to our administrative team. We’re here to help you.

4. FREE STUFF. Free Food, Free Swag (we’re giving away water bottles at the Kick-Off Breakfast), Free Massages and more! This point is self-explanatory.

We hope to see you at at least one event during Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week. This is a week for you, the graduate/professional student. Let’s make it awesome. After all, #UMGradStudentsRock

*A special thanks to Graduate Rackham International (GRIN), Socioeconomic Underrepresented Graduate Students (SEUGS), Rackham Student Government (RSG), Students of Color of Rackham (SCOR), the College of Engineering (COE), College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA), and the Office for the Vice President of Student Life (OVPSL) for their support of the week.