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Home » Discover Rackham » Announcing the 2019 Mellon Public Engagement and the Humanities Grantees

The Summer Program in Public Engagement and the Humanities affords a group of six faculty and six graduate students the opportunity to learn the tools of public engagement, explore why those tools matter for humanists, and apply their new knowledge and shared understanding to specific projects that integrate research and public engagement.

Over the course of eight weeks this summer, the first cohort of grantees will seek to apply newly developed public-engagement skills to projects that range from capturing oral histories of Philippine music and dance groups to designing workshops to help early-career scholars improve their English translation skills to creating a video and book about the experiences of young women in Jamaica living with HIV/AIDS.

“We believe that our program is unique,” says Rackham Dean Mike Solomon, “both in its focus on collaborative faculty and graduate-student training and in its mix of workshops, site visits, and project‐based approaches that will directly lead to contributions to the public sphere.”

The full list of grantees follows.


  • Christi-Anne Castro, Musicology, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
  • Anne Ruggles Gere, English and Education, Sweetland Center for Writing
  • Jesse Hoffnung-Garskoff, American Culture
  • Khaled Mattawa, English Language and Literature
  • Benjamin Paloff, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature
  • Bryan Roby, Judaic Studies

Graduate Students

  • Megan Berkobien, Comparative Literature
  • Marisol Fila, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Jallicia Jolly, American Culture
  • Katy Rossing, English Language and Literature
  • Jana Wilbricht, Communication Studies
  • Kelly Wright, Linguistics