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Matt Nelson

Q&A: Grad Student Well-Being

Rackham’s embedded counselor, Laura Monschau, talks frankly about issues she sees among graduate students and shares resources for those who feel that they’re struggling.

Refined Tastes: Are Some Foods Addictive?

Clinical psychology Ph.D. candidate Erica Schulte looks into not only the underlying mechanisms that are similar between eating-related problems and addiction, but also the types of foods that might be especially rewarding or addictive.

Scrolling Through Time

While the U-M Library’s collection of ancient papyri includes pieces renowned throughout the world, Rackham Associate Dean Arthur Verhoogt finds some of the more obscure items in its catalog to be just as intriguing: A soldier’s letter home, a...

Using Opioids to Fight Addiction?

The abuse of opioids in the United States has become a crisis whose consequences are being discussed everywhere from America’s largest public-health organizations to its smallest towns. It’s an epidemic with an emotional and physical toll on millions of lives and a...