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Matt Nelson

Refined Tastes: Are Some Foods Addictive?

Clinical psychology Ph.D. candidate Erica Schulte looks into not only the underlying mechanisms that are similar between eating-related problems and addiction, but also the types of foods that might be especially rewarding or addictive.

Scrolling Through Time

While the U-M Library’s collection of ancient papyri includes pieces renowned throughout the world, Rackham Associate Dean Arthur Verhoogt finds some of the more obscure items in its catalog to be just as intriguing: A soldier’s letter home, a...

Using Opioids to Fight Addiction?

The abuse of opioids in the United States has become a crisis whose consequences are being discussed everywhere from America’s largest public-health organizations to its smallest towns. It’s an epidemic with an emotional and physical toll on millions of lives and a...

400 Miles in Their Shoes

On the eastern coast of the island of Cyprus lies what may well be the world’s most beautiful ghost town. Home to an idyllic expanse of beach and shimmering Mediterranean views, the city of Varosha was once Cyprus’s greatest tourist attraction, where hoteliers and...