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Through the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards, Rackham recognizes scholars who have been nominated by their program for teaching excellence. Winners of this award demonstrate superb skill in teaching, mentoring, and advising. They bring creativity, inspirational commitment, and intellectual excitement to the classroom, discussion section, or teaching lab, and communicate this passion with their undergraduate students.

The 2020 recipients of the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards are:


  • Devika Bagchi, Molecular and Integrative Physiology
  • Nicole Brass, Education and Psychology
  • Molly Brookfield, Women’s Studies and History
  • Andrew Cabaniss, Classical Art and Archaeology
  • Shamsheer Singh Chauhan, Aerospace Engineering
  • Amelia Couture, Communication Studies
  • Harley Dutcher, Women’s Studies and Psychology
  • Jacob Haley, Mathematics
  • Kathryn Holihan, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Benjamin Hollenbach, Anthropology
  • Michael Hua, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
  • Christina Kang-Yun, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Evgenia Kitaevich, Political Science
  • Joanna Larson, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Aidyn Osgood, History
  • Ebony Perouse-Harvey, Educational Studies
  • Yourdanis Sedarous, Linguistics
  • Marcus Sherman, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
  • Puneet Singh, Aerospace Engineering
  • Grace Zanotti, Comparative Literature