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James Dau

How We Make Artificial Intelligence Safer

Artificial intelligence is rapidly being implemented across a wide range of industries, but it still has many vulnerabilities that leave it open to attack. Rackham computer and information science Ph.D. student Abderrahmen Amich is developing new lines of defense.

Sympathy for the Devil: How Children See Villains

Each year during Halloween, children dress up as some of the movies’ iconic villains. New research from Rackham developmental psychology Ph.D. student Valerie Umscheid reveals that they are capable of looking past these characters’ wicked deeds to the moral complexity beneath the surface.

Rethinking PVC Recycling

A ubiquitous, environmentally toxic modern plastic, PVC was once considered unrecyclable. New research from a U-M team, including Rackham alumna Sofia Camarero, has found a way to not only recycle it, but to turn its toxic components into useful products.

Faster, Stronger, Better

Developing new, more efficient batteries has become paramount if automotive and other industries want to move away from fossil fuels. Mechanical engineering Ph.D. student Changyu Deng is developing ways to speed up that process.

Home Away from Home

Graduate Rackham International past presidents Maria Mustafa and Yixuan Chen discuss the important role the organization plays in supporting international graduate students.