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Home » Discover Rackham » Rackham seeks input from current U-M graduate students who experience disabilities

Rackham is seeking current U-M graduate students who experience disabilities to participate in focus groups aimed at helping Rackham better understand the needs of students and improve policies and practices around disability accommodations in graduate school. The focus groups will take place on central campus from March 9-20, as well as via BlueJeans. Virtual participation is available for those who do not wish to meet in-person.

Disabilities can include, but are not limited to, physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, chronic illnesses, neurodivergence, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, and more. Students may participate regardless of how they identify and/or whether or not they have an official diagnosis or documentation.

Participation is confidential. Students may choose what information they share, including the name they use in the focus group. All information will be de-identified to maintain the confidentiality of all participants.

For more information or to participate, contact Dwight Kelly, MSW student and research assistant for Rackham’s Graduate Students with Disabilities Needs Assessment Committee.