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Twenty-six U-M graduate students, including 25 Rackham students, have been awarded $122,062 in summer research funding by the Anti-Racism Collaborative, which is administered by the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID), and co-sponsored by Rackham Graduate School and the Center for Racial Justice in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

The grants aim to support engagement in research projects focused on racial inequality, racial equity, and racial justice while advancing graduate student progress toward degree.

“Rackham is pleased to participate in this initiative to support the research of graduate students,” says Rackham Dean Mike Solomon. “Its growth speaks to the impact of scholarly work in racial justice and its importance to the educational goals of Rackham students.”

The Anti-Racism Collaborative was founded at NCID as a strategic space created to facilitate community engagement around research and scholarship focused on racial inequality, racial justice, and anti-racist praxis. A part of the U-M provost’s anti-racism initiative, the collaborative elevates the work of current U-M researchers in the area of racism and racial justice and supports enhancing U-M’s capacity for racial equity and justice through new, innovative research and exchange.

Read the full story and list of research projects at NCID.