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1917 to 1925

Yi-fang Wu

Home » Projects » Page 4 Yi-fang Wu (1922) became the first Barbour Scholar (along with Maria Lanzar) to earn a doctoral degree in 1928. Dr. Wu, born on January 26, 1893 in Hupei, China, as a child underwent the tortures of foot binding. Realizing that she could not...

Maria Lanzar

Home » Projects » Page 4 Maria Lanzar (1923) was the first Barbour Scholar to earn a doctoral degree, along with Yi-fang Wu, in 1928. Mariagraduated with a doctorate in Political Science in 1928. As the first Barbour Scholar from Manila, Lanzar studied the methods by...

Tsui-fung Wong

Home » Projects » Page 4 Tsui-fung Wong (1924) served as Dean of Women and Professor of Sociology at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. At the end of WWII, she traveled to England and Scotland, as a guest of the British Aid to China Fund, in order to study...