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New research from Rackham staff and alumni reveals female students, students from marginalized racial groups, and U.S. Pell Grant recipients are the most likely to attend professional and sociocultural development programs in graduate school.

Published in Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education, the study—the first of its kind—examined institutional data from six semesters in order to identify the demographic characteristics of U-M graduate students who attend Rackham and other university co-curricular programming. The findings will help graduate administrators and educators understand the impact of their programs and the role they play in meeting student needs.

The study was conducted by Laura Schram, Rackham director of professional development and engagement; Emma Flores, Rackham director of strategic evaluation and assessment; and Paula Clasing, a former graduate student research assistant in the Rackham Institutional Research department who recently received her Ph.D. in higher education from the U-M School of Education.

Read the study at Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education.